A German company that dates back to 1880s and considered as one of the oldest car companies (4th oldest) in the world, one must wonder how something remains to be a classic. Our fathers and grandfathers all wanted to have one and now, we all still gawk whenever we see one running through the streets. But despite its luxury status and honestly, expensiveness, Mercedes-Benz still accounts for about 7 and 8 percent of the market share for Europe and Australia, respectively. Proving that once and for all, people will willingly spend a little more than what is needed to have such a car in their garage.

But why is it a classic? Amongst other historical car companies, you cannot say the same for Mercedes for any other else. Some are well beyond their prime years and has been left behind by the ever-innovating and changing car industry. Not for Mercedes-Benz though, its whole roster, even the ones that are already phased out, still has a working demand.

Mercedes-Benz can never seem to go out of style. One great example of this immortality in style is with its C-Class range. If you run through all of the models starting from when it debuted in 1993 up to today, you will always find someone who would gladly take it. And while there are big style differences between the models, there are things about each and every one of them that would make you stand out in the road – you can go for either classic or luxurious. The life cycle of a Mercedes becomes its own biggest asset. Any model they release will always become a work of art and then with the changing times, it will soon become a vintage classic.

Another reason why Mercedes-Benz is a classic is that they are capable to stand the test of times. It is one thing to produce a design that will look good beyond eras but it’s another to see that it is still functional and not just dust collectors in people’s garages. The secret behind their cars’ integrity and longevity is that the manufacturing process does not compromise. Granted it is one of the reasons why Mercedes-Benz cars are a bit more expensive than usual but you are paying for quality and not just the brand itself. The manufacturing process has strict standards and the assembly of parts has little to no room for errors. They stand by their reputation of being the best car manufacturing plant and this translates to their cars ability to stay on the road despite the age. There are used or old cars you may never see out in the streets again. Mercedes-Benz will sometimes last twice as long as used vehicles with its lifetime stretching out to 20 or more years when you buy from a Mercedes dealership. It is recommendable to buy used Mercedes-Benz from a dealer because they have a better mileage life.

Being such a high-quality car also ensures that its safety standards are of the same caliber. Mercedes-Benz prides itself of unparalleled crash test studies and safety innovations enforced to add more years to not only your life but to your car as well. In fact, they invented the anti-locking brake system that answered one of the biggest accident-causes then. This innovation is still used up to this day with other manufacturers integrating the system to create a totally accident-free automobile.